The Gourji Red Fashion Collection


Gourji – is a new Russian brand on the luxury goods market. It is unique and has no analogues.

The philosophy and style of the Gourji brand are inextricably linked with the history of Russia. The brand takes a fresh look at the Eurasian cultural and historical context in which Russia is a melting pot of hundreds of cultures.

The basic idea of ​​the Gourji brand – is to identify the brightest features of the artistic heritage of the past and present it in a contemporary way.

The initiator of the project Dmitri Gourji – “a man of the world”, toured dozens of countries. An intellectual and romantic, a successful businessman, a collector, a man of varied interests. His passion about the country’s history and theories of the Eurasian states, Eurasian culture has prompted the idea of creating his own brand.

“No matter what was the ideology of the country,” Dmitri explained to me during our meeting, “each epoch left behind its art and literature which are a part of our history and which we should not forget. It is what I call ‘a business card of the epoch.’ What’s important,” he continued sipping his coffee, “is not to forget this history and learn from it.”

The Pen ‘Above the Saviour Tower’ evokes the main tower on the eastern wall of the  Kremlin which overlooks Red Square. Build in 1491 it was once the main enrance into the Kremlin.

The earrings ‘Red Stars‘ (18K white gold & 12 rubies) bring back the images of the Kremlin Stars, the pentagonal luminescent ruby stars, installed in the 1930s on five towers of the Moscow Kremlin.

The cufflinks ‘the Boxer’ with its scarlet enamel background enhancing the silver figure of the boxer recall the bas reliefs of the Soviet Sculptor Elena Yanson-Manizer (1890-1971).

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