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Red Writing I – Do I know what my book is really about?

13.12.2013 Posted in Red Writing No Comments

Having a hard time advancing with my book – Do I know what my book is really about? Four years ago I decided to write a biography. It is a biography of a Red woman. At the moment I’d rather keep her name secret. It is my first attempt to write a full-scale book. The first few years were devoted to research, which I enjoyed. I found out many previously unknown stories about my heroine, contacted archives, universities and met people who had known her and visited places where she lived. About 18 months ago I started to write. I enjoy writing just as I had enjoyed doing the research. I like imagining my heroine and her life. But most of the time writing is difficult and exasperating. First of all, I had to decide what my book was going to be about. When I asked myself this question for the first time, I thought it was easy and even ridiculous. Of course I knew what my book was going to be about. Then I realized that, in fact, I wanted to write about everything in the life of my heroine, so much I found her story interesting and compelling. I quickly understood that writing about everything was impossible  I had to choose an axe for my biography and select information I knew about her and which suited my purpose. Well, one-and-a-half years after starting to write, I’m on my fourth draft and I’m still debating the issues. I know many […]