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Three Red Things That Made My Week

6.06.2014 Posted in Red Lifestyle No Comments

So I continue to see my life entirely through Red colors. I do not think everything will take on a shade of red or Bordeaux or cardinal, but  many Red things certainly make life much more joyful and fun. Here are the three Red things that my week: 1. Japanese wrapping cloth, Furochiki, traditionally used in Japan to transport clothes, goods or gifts. Today the Japanese use it mainly to wrap and transport bento, daily lunchboxes. However, some continue to use Furochiki to offer gifts, making it chic and exclusive. I bought my Furochiki earlier this year during a trip to Tokyo. Unsure at first what to use it forr, I was enthralled by the minimalism simplicity and elegance of this simple piece of cloth. I have since used it to wrap a few precious souvenirs and photos of my parents, which I store in my closet. 2. I bought the Weleda Pomegranate organic body oil in one of the organic shops in Paris, attracted by the red color of the box and despite its hefty price of 26.50€. I have to say that I did not regret it. This pomegranate oil perfectly revitalizes the skin, adding more radiance to the body after a long day at work. If used twice daily, the bottle should last you for about two weeks. 3. I love tomatoes. Unfortunately, the best tomatoes I have tried are in Italy, which is just too far away from Paris. I actually miss tomatoes, often remembering mouthwatering […]