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Red Writing IV

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Having a hard time advancing with my book – How to find a suitable and eye-cathching title ? Four years ago I decided to write a biography of the Red woman, a devoted socialist who lived the most uniqe and interesting life and whose name I’d rather keep secret for the moment. So about 18 months after a long period of research, I began to write. At some point during my research I started to think about a title for the book which would tell a reader in a few words and as precisely as possible what the book would  be about. As I would like to keep my herione’s name secret, for the moment I’ll call her “A”. I quickly penned down a dozen titles. Among my favourites were “The Red Shadow,” which showed that my herione passed through history largerly unoticed and that she was a socialist; “Comrade A”; “The Red”; with an absolute preference for “Comrade A: Incredible Life of the Red Popessa” (female pope). I thought that ‘Red Popessa’ was an exact definition of what A. was all about, the enduring spiritual leader of the underprivileged who lived a  most incredible life, the word “Red” explaining that she was not a religious leader but a socialist and spiritual one. While I was looking for a title, I found out that a well-known literary agent from San Francisco was coming to Paris to give a talk at the English Bookshop, WH Smith, on rue de Rivoli, and […]