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Three Red Things that made My Week

6.05.2014 Posted in Red Lifestyle No Comments

Red objects are often fun, pretty and pleasant to have around. They easily fit into many interiors and do not conflict too much with other colours. During the last few weeks the three best Red things I have most enjoyed were: A Red Tulip soap – pretty shaped decorative bathroom soap with neutral scent. Coming from an Bioshop organic store, it adds to your good ‘green’ skincare regime, and also adds a small touch of colour to your bathroom interior. The Salmon Roe Sushi eraser gum – the funniest I have ever seen. I even carry it around in my bag. It is so well made that it could look real if not for its small size. The ikura eggs are just as jewel-like as in real sushi, wrapped in a small shiny sheet of seaweed. A huge Red dog made out of what?) that I saw in a Decorative Garden Animal Shop. Though this dog is more suited for a restaurant or a shop entrance, it looked really fun. Priced at 550€ euros, it awaits its new owner every day outside on the street (together with rabbits, garden gnomes, turtles and other animals). And you? What fun objects have you seen recently?