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On Meryl Streep’s Birthday

20.06.2014 Posted in Red Lifestyle No Comments

To celebrate the birthday of my favorite actress, certainly one of the greatest living actresses, Meryl Streep, born on June 22. I do not think there is a single film in which she has starred that I have not seen or liked. Every time she gets fully into the personality of the character she is playing, whether a simple housewife or the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, attracting the spectator’s full attention to herself. She can transport a seemingly uninteresting personage like that of Francesca in The Bridges of Madison Country, a woman who has nothing exceptional going on in her life, into a completely breathtaking and unforgettable personality. The Wall Street Journal described this film as “one of the most pleasurable films in recent memory.” This is how amazing Meryl Streep is. She has also been married for over forty years to the same husband, the sculptor Don Gummer, which is rare in Hollywood, and they have four children together. What does this all have to do with red? Meryl Streep is a strong, talented and amazing woman and human being whose roles in the cinema advocate for women. Speaking out for women, she greatly contributes in her own way to establishing a female identity and speaking out on behalf of so many women on our planet, while giving hope and strength to so many others. Given all of the above, Streep is, in my view, among the top “Red front” women fighters for  female identity and rights.