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Five Red Things To Do in Tokyo

31.01.2014 Posted in Red Travel No Comments

1. Visit the Asakusa area, famous for the sacred and spectacular Senso-Ji Buddhist Temple and eye-catching traditional souvenir shops of the Nakamise Shopping Street which stretches for over 250 meters all the way to the entrance of the Temple. (To get there: Asakusa Station, follow the Senso-Ji Temple Exit)   2. Enter one of the Traditional Stationary shops with impressive selection of flower-pattern  gift wrapping paper, cards, all sorts of writing paper and envelopes of various shapes, sizes and styles, as well as mirrors, notebooks, files and paper artifacts. (Here are the addresses of two shops : Haibara Shop – Nihombashi Station, exit B8 & C3 & Tokyo Kyukyodo Shop – Ginza Station, 7-4Ginza 5chome Chuo-ku)     3. Visit the Tsukiji Market – the biggest fish market in the world. The market which looks like a hangar opens at 5 AM to sell more than 450 kinds of fish available at 1700 stalls. For those who want to see daily tuna fish auctions the market can be visited starting from 5 AM or from 9 AM as wholesale market. Make sure you wear compfortable non-slippery shoes to walk along the narrow and slippery alleys of the market. (To get there: Tsukijishijo Station, Exit 1 & 2)         4. After your visit to the market, have a Tuna Sashimi at one of the food stalls. I know it is early but it is difficult to walk by without tasting some of the tuna/crab/octopus products you see prepared in front of you or buying kitchen and tableware displayed at […]