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Red Strawberry Lassi

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A lassi is a refreshing beverage (originally from India) with a base of yogurt and water with added spices or fruit.  Adding strawberries makes an attractive and revitalizing Red drink. Ingredients To make a Strawberry Lassi you will need 400 gr of Strawberries 750 grams of chilled water 300 gr of skim-milk yogurt 25 gr of sugar A few drops of rose water Ground Pepper to taste To make the Lassi Prepare  strawberries – rinse under cold water – drain – remove the green cap and stem with a knife – slice  and put in blender Add half of volume of water called for in the recipe and mix with strawberries until it has no visible lumps Add yogurt, sugar, rose water and the rest of the water into the blender and mix again until smooth Poor into a chilled glass and add a bit of grounded pepper to enhance the taste of the Lassi