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Viva Frida!

14.01.2014 Posted in Red Art No Comments

A few days ago I visited a beautiful exhibition of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera paintings which was going on in Paris at  the Musee d’Orangerie. I think it was  the first time I had seen so many paintings by  Frida Kahlo. Her exhibitions are rare. Most of her works of art are in Mexico and hardly ever come to Europe. I have always been fascinated by Frida Kahlo, as a woman and an artist. I have been attracted by her strong nature, ability to overcome so many difficulties that life had reserved for her – illnesses, handicaps, inability to have children– besides she was unattractive and lame. And yet she  always came across as the most beautifully-dressed woman, who had many romantic liaisons  and who continues to inspire artists and designers even today.  I’m also interested in her because she is a Red Woman. Frida Kahlo was a communist.   And she was a painter. A great painter. Among others, the exhibition showed the most impressive  series of her  self-portraits.  With  incredible exactitude, they show the inner nature of a beautiful and talented young woman, portrayed with her favorite monkey, or her preferred jewelry, her hair decorated with Mexican flowers and ornaments, living through much pain and suffering because of her recurring illness. The exhibition also included  a separate room with the photos of her and Diego Rivera.   Even if I have seen most of the photos and paintings in books as reproductions, seeing the originals is always […]