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Driving a Red Car

1.04.2014 Posted in Red Lifestyle No Comments

You may not believe it, but I do not know how to drive a car. I have a driver’s license of course. It was issued in the U.K.. I have to say that the U.K. driving license is an incredible document. It is a large, nearly A3-sized pink paper with no ID photo on it. I passed my driving test after failing the first 4 attempts, about twenty years ago, and I have driven the car only twice since then. I’m afraid of other cars; I have no idea what direction to take, where to turn, how to fit in on the road. All in all, I find that there are too many things to do at the same time while driving. When I think about my attitude to driving I feel ridiculous. Almost everyone knows how to drive a car. Once, one of my friends wanted  to rent a car with me to visit one of the Parisian suburbs and take turns driving. I felt so ashamed to tell her that I did not know how to drive that I found nothing better than to say to her than: “I think I forgot how to do it.” “Forgot?” she laughed. “How you forget how to drive a car? You just get in and go.” I think she did not appreciate my answer, thinking that I did not want to travel with her. So I do wish driving were easy for me. What does this all have to do with […]