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Three Red objects that made my week

25.03.2014 Posted in Red Lifestyle No Comments

Red Buttercups The weather in France has been exceptionally good for the past two weeks. We are only mid- March and it seems like May. To mark this event I bought a bouquet of Red Buttercups which have been proudly decorating my appartement since last week. (Do you know that buttercups, even though very pretty, are poisonous when eaten fresh by cattle? Which thankefully happens rarely because they have an acrid taste). Mirror Another object which made my week was a mirror in a Japanese flower design folder. Besides being a neat object, it is also small and light, making it extremely practical. I can finally carry a mirror with me all the time without worrying about adding extra weight or yet another hefty object to my bag. Yes MOM, I have a mirror in my bag!     Red Incense Sticks Last but not the least of these weeks’ delights were some Red incense sticks I bought to perfume the apartement. They come from Japan. To be honest, I chose them because of their packaging, a chic rectangular red paper box, sealed with a black plastic flower, containing a cigar-looking tube with red incense sticks. Neat and elegant, they fill the air of my dining room with the fragrance of early Spring.