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Angelica’s Tea Set discovered in Tel Aviv

17.03.2017 Posted in Red Writing 2 Comments

When in May last year (2016) my biography of Angelica Balabanoff The Strange Comrade Balabanoff: The Life of a Communist Rebel has been published by McFarland Publishers I did not know that the publication of the book will bring a few unexpected surprises. Among many events related to the publication of the biography of Angelica Balabanoff including meeting people interested in Angelica’s life, exchanging passionate emails with Angelica’s fans from all over the world (I had people writing to me from Turkey, Russia, Sweden and the U.S.) and who happened to be more numerous than I have ever expected, or  simply meeting those interested in book publication,  was also meeting Angelica’s family. Gabriel and his daughter Dana are related to Angelica through the marriage of Gabriel’s grandmother to Angelica’s brother in Chernigov (today’s Ukraine) around 1880. Today they live in Israel in Tel Aviv. It was Dana who contacted me after reading my articles about Angelica published on this website I had the most interesting conversation over the phone with Gabriel who remembered meeting Angelica in 1950s in New York. He also sent me pictures of a tea set his family  inherited from Angelica with her initials A.B. and which his family still uses.  I could only regret not meeting Gabriel before the publication of my book and not being able to include the photos into the book.  Happy to share them with you on this website. If you want to know more about Angelica go to the page […]