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Delicious & Curious – Trendy Tomato Recipes

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I came across these images today on Facebook.* I had to share these Delicious & Curious – Trendy Tomato Recipes on my blog They come from a book Delicious Tomato Fantasies I know it is in Russian but let the images speak for themselves. So there they are: A Dog A Tiger A Rabbit A Dragonfly A Flower *From


Beetroot, clementine, grapefruit and raspberry juice

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This pink pick-me-up has some impressive restorative powers. The citrus fruit and the raspberries balance the sweet, slightly earthy taste of the beetroot juice wonderfully. Serves 4 8 clementines 2 large pink or red grapefruit 8 fresh beetroots (around 250g), leaves removed 1 large punnet of raspberries 1 large knob of fresh ginger Honey or maple syrup to taste 1 Juice the citrus fruit and set aside. 2 Push the beetroot, raspberries and ginger through a juicer. Mix the pressed juice with the clementine and grapefruit juice. 3 If it tastes too tart, mix in a spoonful of honey or maple syrup. Serve straight away. * From Secrets of Scandinavian Cooking: Scandilicious by Signe Johansen (Saltyard Books). published by The Guardian, Saturday 23 February 2013