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Eating Less on Red Plates

7.11.2014 Posted in Red Lifestyle No Comments

A few days ago, while looking on the Internet for explanations and meanings of the color red, I came across a few amazing discoveries related to red. Journalists have reported on a new scientific discovery which claims that eating from red plates makes one eat less.* After conducting several experiments, which included several hundred participants, it was noticed that people who ate on red plates, compared to those who ate from white or blue plates, consumed less food. There may be two possible explanations: one is that Red stands for caution and attention, causing one to consume less. Another is that the color Red is one of the most appealing, making one more attracted  (unconsciously) to the color of the plate than to the food that is on it. Scientists point out, though, that if you intentionally eat your food on the red plate, they do not guarantee the same results. Anyway, with the festive season approaching, and with red plates, glass, and other tableware widely available in the stores, why not try a new way of eating less food? *Information from, article by Benjamin Caro Color Psychology: Red Plates Make You Eat Less.