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Red Martini Cocktails

20.12.2013 Posted in Red Cooking No Comments

My favorite alcoholic beverage is Martini on the Rocks Coming from Europe, I mean the actual Martini and not the Martini cocktail commonly made with gin & vermouth in the U.S.. For those who want Red Martinis, the options are  Martini Rosso and Martini Rosato. The first, Rosso, is translated as Red, whereas the second, Rosato, as Pink. In reality the Rosso is more brown while the Rosato is actually red. I also find that the Rosso has a more sour taste while the Rosato is both subtler and sweeter.   To make a Martini on the Rocks Fill a glass with ice cubes Pour in 7 cl of Martini Squeeze a slice of orange into the glass and then add the slice, for color and aesthetics       For Martini Tonic Put in a glass 2-3 ice cubes 7 cl of Martini Add Tonic water to taste Garnish with a few mint leaves  Happy Drinking!