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The Platters Golden Hits

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One of my recent finds on the Parisian Flea Market, Marché aux Puces, was an excellent red LP, The Platters –Golden Hits. Sold for 6 euros, in good condition, the LP immediately attracted my attention with its bright red color and fun b&w photo of the group. The well-known rock and roll group, created in 1953 in Los Angeles, has sold about 89 million recordings, gave concerts in more than 90 countries and acquired 230 different awards. Their most famous songs –“Only You”,“The Great Pretender”and “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes,” became known all over the world. This record was issued in 2013, proving that the group continues to have many fans. The joyful and entertaining songs make you want to dance and sing together with the group, making any day (even a rainy and cold Sunday morning) pleasurable and exciting. You can listen to “Only You,”“The Great Pretender” and other Platters hits on YouTube, but it will probably be not be as fun as the romantic sound of an LP.


Red Musical Discovery – Rina Ketty

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Last Sunday my husband and I went to the famous Parisian flea market, Le Marché aux Puces.  With its 2,500 stalls, Le Marche aux Puces is definitely the largest flea market in Paris and possibly the largest in the world. You can buy just about everything. There are fashion stalls, antiques, paintings, books, jewelry and music. So, among my Sunday acquisitions there was an LP of Rina Ketty. I had not heard of her before. I bought the LP because I liked the cover photo of Rina Ketty in black and white and I also generally like the music of the 1930s-1940s. Rina Ketty has turned out to be one of my wonderful recent music discoveries. The voice of this beautiful, Italian-born singer was a real delight. After starting her career in Montmartre in the 1930s, at the same time as famous painters Salvador Dali, Amedeo Modigliani and Pablo Picasso, she changed her name from Cesarina Picchetto to the more romantic and scenic Rina Ketty. She quickly became famous for her voice and slight yet elegant accent. She stopped singing during the Great War. Fame came back to her in 1945. She retired in the 1950s in Quebec, Canada. Every time I feel a little down now I listen to her songs. And suddenly life gets warmer and a much brighter.