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Easy-To-Make Chic and Trendy Summer Tabbouleh

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Serves 4/Preparation time 15 min/Cooking time 15 min Ingredients: 500 red quinoa (you can also add bulghur and quinoa at 50/50 ratio) 2 small cucumbers 10 radishes 2 small white onions ½ small bunch of cilantro 20 sprigs of parsley 5 sprigs of mint 3 tbsp lime juice 3 tbsp olive oil Salt to taste To make the tabbouleh: Cook quinoa (and possibly bulghur) for 15 min (ratio quinoa/water – 1 to 2). Once cooked, put into a salad bowl and leave aside to chill. Wash and thinly slice the herbs, add to quinoa and mix well. Wash and thinly chop cucumbers, radish and onions Mix lemon juice and olive oil, add to quinoa and mix well Place tabbouleh into small serving bowls and decorate with sliced vegetables and the remaining sprigs of cilantro From Madame Figaro, 18-19 July 2014, Section Lifestyle Spécial cuisine d’été