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Easy-to-Make Red Salad with Leeks and Beets

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This leek and beet Salad is a slightly unusual combination, however both vegetables are not only a source of many vitamins but are very elegant, and the white lightly greenish leeks look good next to the dark red beets. Leeks are a great source of vitamins A and B and are easy on your digestive system while beets are a source of vitamin C and belong to the group of anti-cancer foods. Ingredients Leeks – 600 gr Olive oil – 4 Tbsp Chopped parsley – 3 tsp Black/green Olives – 100 gr Beets (cooked) – 100 gr Lemon juice Salt Pepper To prepare leeks cut off the root end and the green leaves, thoroughly rinse under cool running water and cut into slices 3-4 cm long Cook leeks in salted boiling water on medium heat for 20-30 min until they are tender when pierced with a folk Drain and Cool Slice beets For sauce: Mix olive oil + lemon juice + chopped parsley +salt+ pepper Arrange leeks on a plate, pour sauce over them and decorate with beets and olives