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Sharing an extract from the new book: The Choice of a Countess

15.05.2020 Posted in Red Writing No Comments

I have nearly finished writing my new book, The Choice of a Countess. It still needs some editing. I would like to share with you an extract from the book, Chapter 1. Feedback is always welcome! “At the age of six, Guy was often prone to anginas. One evening, after two days of a particularly severe cough and elevated temperature, Angele and Louis called a family doctor. He came to see Guy, examined him, asked him to open his mouth and say “Aah”, and wrote out a prescription to take to a pharmacy. Then he told Guy: “Turn you head to the side and cough as strongly as you can.” All of a sudden, Guy felt a cold touch on his lower abdomen. As he continued to cough, he lowered his eyes to see what was going on. To his surprise, the doctor was pulling down his underclothes. It was the doctor’s wedding ring that was touching Guy’s skin. The boy was surprised and expected the doctor to explain what he was doing. Instead, the doctor turned to his parents who were standing beside him and said: “Your son does not have testicles.” Guy remembered that Angele and Louis turned pale. “How is that possible?” “I would not worry. They will descend later.” “Can there be some mistake?” “I would not think so.” Sensing that there were other questions to come, he added: “Come to my office tomorrow at 5PM. We will have time to talk.” Louis accompanied the doctor […]