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Easy-To-Make Homous Avocado with Tomato Salad

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A ripe avocado makes fab lunch instead of the usual salad or sandwiches. Drizzle avocado with lemon juice if you do not plan to tuck it straight away. Combine the onion, tomatoes and olives (optional) with the lemon juice. Drizzle with oil and season to taste; Halve and stone the avocado, the spoon the homous into the space where the stone was. Scatter with the tomatoes salad drizzle with a little more oil, then serve with toasted bread. Ingredients –          1 small red onion sliced –          2 tomatoes chopped –          A handful of pitted olives (optional) –          A squeeze of lemon juice –          Olive oil for drizzling –          1 avocado –          Two table spoons of homous –          2 slices of bread to serve Takes 5 minutes Serves 2 Calories per serving 436 Good food. 101 Budget dishes. BBC Books. Ed. Jane Hornby, 2009.