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Red Food parenthesis: Beetroot Cured Salmon

I would like to make a ‘red food parenthesis’ in my posts and share one of my favorite Russian-cuisine-inspired recipes of Beetroot Cured Salmon. It can be served as appetizer or as a main course. Beetroot gives salmon a slightly sweetened taste and adds a unusual red color, making it look appetizing and elegant. Ingredients: 800 gr Salmon filet, skin on 50 gr of Extra Large Sea salt 50 gr of Sugar Sliced beetroot Dill (optional) Steps to make it: Mix Extra Large Salt and Sugar together Lay Salmon Skin down and cut Filet in two halfs Sprinkle Salmon with salt and sugar Cver one of the filets with beetroot and fill Sandwich two filets together Wrap in aluminium foil or in plastic wrap Put in a dish and cover with something heavy which weighs around a pound or more Refrigerate for 12 hours or mre (It can be 24h depending on your taste) Discard accumulated juice, beetroot and dill Slice thinly without the skin, serve with bread, sprinkled with lemon juice Bon appetit!