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Easy-To-Make Red Open-Faced Sandwich with Fresh Goat Cheese

25.07.2014 Posted in Red Cooking No Comments

One of the best recipes of an open-faced sandwich for summer –  an Easy-To-Make Red Sandwich with Fresh Goat Cheese. For four people you will need: 4 slices of Country bread toasted or grilled 2 small balls of goat cheese 4 ripe (but still firm) tomatoes Basil leaves A small jar of Pesto sauce Olive oil Grinded pepper To make Red Open-faced Sandwich with Fresh Goat Cheese Wash and cut tomatoes into thin slices Toast or grill slices of country bread, cut into 2 or 3 pieces and spread pesto onto crusty bread while it is still warm Crumble goat cheese, add sliced tomatoes and basil leaves Drizzle with olive oil and add grinded pepper to taste Preparation time: 10 min Cooking time: 1 min * From ELLLE, Les fiches-Cuisine, Special Eté