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Five Red Things to Do in Ghent

10.06.2014 Posted in Red Travel No Comments

So I continue travelling and seeing the world through Red. My husband and I went for a day to Ghent, a beautiful medieval city in the  Flemish part of Belgium. To be honest, I like Ghent more than Bruges, considered as a rule the absolute star of romance and tourism in Europe. Ghent is much less touristic, has a small center which can be easily visited – the pretty mediaeval streets with buildings made out of red brick, an excellent choice of restaurants and a great night life. So if you are in Ghent the five Red things to do are: – Have a walk around the city. Start with the famous Graslei, the most scenic place of the old city with ancient houses and cafés bordering the canals. – Take a boat for a canal ride though the city which allows seeing it from another angle. (boats stop along the Graslei, 6.50€ – 7.60€ per person for a 40-minute ride) – Try one of the Belgian beers, of which there are  more than 300 varieties. The most popular is Trappiste, a strong abbey beer, if you prefer something more original opt for the red-colored cherry beer, Kriek. – Ghent has excellent Museums. The four main Museums are the Museum of Fine Art, Contemporary Art, The City of Ghent and most importantly The Ghent Altarpiece (also called the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb), a 15th-century painting attributed to Jan van Eyck. The painting is currently being restored. So at the […]