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The Most Sought-After Living Red French Artist

11.07.2014 Posted in Red Art, Red Lifestyle No Comments

From 14 May to 22 September 2014 The Pompidou Center Museum in Paris is holding an exhibition of Martial Raysse. The author of the renowned “Red” Made in Japan –La Grande Odalisque, 1964.  The exhibit presents over 200 works (many of which are tinted with red), covering all periods of Raysse’s working life. From the most amazing and innovative works of Pop art which made this artist famous in the 1960s, in which he mixes the familiar images with different techniques— adding neon lights, film, flowers, flies and towels to the paintings, to pictorial and sculptural oeuvres made in the 1970s, and recently made large canvases.  Martial Raysse has been considered the most sought-after living French artist since 2011, when, during a public auction at Christie’s, his painting, Quinze Août, was sold for a record amount of money 1.777.500€.  So if you are in Paris during the time of the exhibition, it is worth a visit— as is the Centre Pompidou, with its loft-like space and mechanical stairs covered with transparent tubes which take you to the top floor. The view of Paris is magnificent. Complete you trip with a short stop at Le Georges, one of the Costes Restaurants, situated on the sixth and last floor. Transparent walls offer an amazing panoramic view of Paris. The restaurant is on the pricey side (starting from 20€per course), the service can be a bit pretentious, but it is still worth a visit. So stop by for a coffee or a glass of wine. […]