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New Colors of Music – Kontinent Rihm

19.08.2014 Posted in Red Lifestyle No Comments

A beautifully red disk and oustanding music. Kontinent Rihm by Wolfgang (yes! just as Mozart) Rihm, a German-born composer of contemporary music and author of numerous books, whose oeuvre comprises more than 400 pieces. Wolfgang Rihm composes delicate and ‘silent’ music. Often interpreted by an orchestra of up to 60 people, their performance make his work even more delicate and silent. In Kontinent Rihm, the composer takes works of Anton Webern and his teacher Karlheinz Stockhausen and connects them through his own work. “How to learn from a master?” writes Wolfgang Rihm, “Presumably always in a dual movement: by adopting some things while at teh same time leveling creative criticism. This is how we learn from historical music. The process of melting down and refounding to produce something original progresses through these stages.” The beaitfully red disk was produced by col legno Produktions in 2012. Extracts from Kontinent Rihm are available on Spotify. Text inspired by text written for the CD by Mirko Bonné. Photo in the blog © Jean-Loup Lafont.