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Dressed in Red – Color Codes and their Meanings.

30.01.2015 Posted in Red Lifestyle No Comments

I always knew that all colors had meanings but I have never thought of ‘using’ these color codes in my everyday life-whether to feel better or to communicate a message. At most, I paid attention to the colors of flowers, when offering red or white roses, but hardly ever to clothing or interior decoration. Nonetheless, knowing how to use color codes may be very helpful. For example, did you know that orange is the color of optimism, green of balance and growth, blue of trust? Wearing red affirms power and strength, and brings out sexual appeal. If you have an important meeting, during which you would like to impose your opinion, wear red (though it might not be a good idea to wear red for a job interview.). Depending on the shade of red, an accessory, a scarf combined with lipstick or earrings may be sufficient to impose your opinion. From now on every morning (or nearly every morning – none of us are perfect) when choosing what to wear, I think about the nonverbal message I would like to communicate to others during the day. Note that meanings of colors may differ depending on culture and country. They can also change over time and even be slightly different depending on the circumstances. Try the color theory and let me know what you think about how it changed your day. Did you feel any difference?