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Easy-To-Make Tuna and Caper Panzanella

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For a summary Italian Tuna and Caper Panzanella Salad you will need Ingredients: 3 slices ciabatta, (preferably a day or two old); this time I used pita bread 4-5 tomatoes 1/2 cucumber Handful of basil leaves (or cilantro) 200g can tune in brine 2 tsp capers, drained and roughly chopped 2 tbsp wine vinegar any type 4 tbsp olive oil Takes 15 min serves 2 1 Dip the bread very briefly into cold water, then squeeze it well and crumble it into a bowl. Halve the tomatoes and squeeze out the seeds, then roughly chop the flesh. Chop the cucumber into small chunks. 2. Add the tomato and cucumber to the bread, then tear in the basil leaves (or cilantro). Drain and flake the tuna into chunks, then add to the bread with the capers, vinegar, oil and salt and pepper to taste. Mix everything together well and serve. Per serving 463 calories Good food. 101 Budget dishes. BBC Books. Ed. Jane Hornby, 2009.