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The New Parisian Gourmet Touch is Red

8.07.2014 Posted in Red Food No Comments

Last week-end a friend of mine from Chicago came to visit me in Paris for a few days. Unwilling to miss out on any Parisian gourmet delights, we were well-prepared for the visit, armed with Zagat and Michelin guides as well as advice from friends. So if you are in Paris for a few days and would like to enjoy some new Parisian restaurants (all tinted with red): –          Have breakfast or lunch at Café de l’Alma Before going there I had my reservations (no pun intended). The critiques I found on the website about this relatively new and contemporary restaurant were not positive. Many did not like the service or prices. Luckily, it turned out we had no reason to worry. This elegant French café-restaurant on the left bank, not far from the Eiffel Tower, offers excellent steak tartare, rare done tuna fish and carpaccio de boeuf. It is also open for breakfast from 7.30 am, offering one of the best café crème, coffee with milk, I had ever had in Paris. True, the restaurant is a bit on a pricy side (starting from 18€ per course), and it also closely resembles the style and menus of the Costes Restaurants, but such establishments are not very common near the Eiffel Tower — for some reason most restaurants in the area tend to be more traditional— also the food and service were excellent. How to get there: 5 Avenue Rapp, 75007 Paris, Metro: Pont de l’Alma,  tel. for reservations: +33 […]