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New and Trendy Early Autumn Red Burger

3.10.2014 Posted in Red Cooking No Comments

While looking for more new red and trendy recipes, I came across the Red Burger. As it is the case with the most of my Red cooking experiments, I saw this one in a magazine. I thought that making a Red Burger was fun and decided to try.   Serves 4 / Very  Easy to Make/ Preparation time 15 minutes Ingredients: 4 pan bagnat (whole wheat bread formed in a circle, originally a specialty of Nice, France) with olives, 1 red tomato,  2 white onions, 8 anchovies, 4 artichokes hearts, 200 gr canned tuna in oil, a few olives, salt to taste, to make it extra red I added grilled red bell-peppers. Wash and slice tomatoes; peel and thinly slice onions; slice artichokes. Slice bread lengthwise without cutting it through completely. Assemble the sandwich by layering the ingredients, lay down a layer of tomatoes, anchovies, sprinkle with onions, then place another layer of artichokes, add another layer of tomatoes, sprinkle with salt, add crumbled tuna, grilled peppers and a few sliced olives. Cover with the second half of the bread and enjoy without delay. For an extra Red burger – add sliced radishes; for an extra coloured burger – add 1 green and 1 yellow tomato. I’m not the best of the cooks and might have done something wrong so to be entirely honest with you – the burger was a bit on a dry side and needed some kind of a sauce or mayonnaise. Nonetheless it was still pretty, […]