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How much research should you do for your book?

12.06.2020 Posted in Red Writing No Comments

Dear reader hope you are holding up despite the recent crisis events – coronavirus, social unrest in America and economic crisis, which will change forever the way we used to live, from travelling to work, to the level of security we are used to and our relationship to each other. If you have missed last week’s post about the Amazing June Almeida, considered a discoverer of human coronavirus, and her passion for discoveries, you find it here. For me working on my book is one of the my remedies which help me to get back into world again and reduce the anxiety. I have nearly finished writing my new book The Choice of a Countess, about an awesome R.B., born intersex and her fascinating life. While I’m re-reading and editing my book, I keep asking myself whether the research that I did was sufficient and how to know when to stop looking for more information and adding it to the book. The right answer is probably – never. New information will keep coming in even after the book is published and it is good to have it, even for personal knowledge. However, while the book is still in the process of editing, new details and facts can be reassuring just as they can be destabilizing. New evidence helps creating scenes and developments, deepen the characters and produce a credible well-developed story. With Internet within an easy reach and Google research brining up more news – when to stop? In case […]