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Easy-to-Make Red Appetizer with Figs

27.05.2014 Posted in Red Cooking No Comments

Inspired by my recent trip to Rome I decided to introduce the light and simple Italian cuisine into my daily routine.  It is too early in season so I could not find red and ripe figs like the ones that grow in Italy or the region of Kabylia in the North of Algeria. As I did not want to postpone my Appetizer with figs until August, I had to settle for a much more pale but still delicious figs from France. For an Easy-to-Make Red Figues Appetizer you will need Ingredients for 4 people 3 tomatoes 1 mozzarella 5 fresh figs 3 slices of raw ham 1 table spoon of chopped basil leaves Sauce ingredients: Olive Oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, slices of green lime  To Make the Salad Wash tomatoes and cut in quarters Slice mozzarella Cut figs in quarters Slice Raw Ham To prepare a sauce Mix Olive Oil + balsamic vinegar +salt +pepper + squeeze lime On a plate arrange Tomatoes, mozzarella, figs, raw ham, pour over sauce and spray with chopped basil leave