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The Forgotten History of Red Rebels – Anna Kuliscioff

29.01.2016 Posted in Red History, Red Writing No Comments

I have not published in my blog since last September. The reason for this is that I have lost someone very dear to me,  not to forget the recent dreadful events in Paris. Tyring to cope with my grief I was unable to keep many of my commitments. So here am I, 4 months later starting to write again in my blog. Not only I missed it, but my book, a biography of Angelica Balabanoff, The Strange Comrade Balabanoff: The Life of a Communist Rebel, is due to be published by McFarland Publishers in March. I hope you liked my previous articles within the series about the “Red Rebels” about Bianca Tosoni-Pittoni, Hugo Eberlein and others. I would like to say today a few words about Anna Kuliscioff. Not only Anna was an extraordinary woman but she had her birthday this month on January 9. So Happy Birthday Anna! Anna Kuliscioff played an important role in Angelica’s life. One of the chapters in my book is partially devoted to her. So I could not find a better way to tell about her than by quoting from my book: “A few years Angelica’s senior, Anna Moiseyevna Rosenstein originated from a well-off Ukrainian family in the Crimea. Her adoptive name, Kulisceva, stood for “a woman from a far-off Eastern land.” She was a known beauty. Those who had met her when she was young reminisced about her natural elegance and good looks, her blue eyes, “blond thick, wavy hair and very white skin.” Contrary to […]