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This blog is for all people who see life through bright colors and the brightest of them – Red.Frida Kahlo wearing one of her Red Dresses

Red is generally associated with passion, love, anger, happiness and communism. It has more personal connotations than any other color and may implicate all sorts of subtexts. I’m looking at Red from two perspectives: as a Russian who was brought up in Moscow during the Brezhnev era and as a woman who sees daily life through the brightest of the colors.

You will read here about a variety of subjects tinted with Red. They will include interesting fates and people; food, cooking and wines; red in daily life and Soviet traditions; art and fashion.


Since I began writing about Red, I seem to find it everywhere. Lipstick, clothes, book covers, kindles, kitchen appliances, and furniture suddenly turned Red on television, magazines and street boards.

book coversThe Tuileries Gardens near the Louvre Museum are decorated with red flowers to mark the 400th anniversary of André Le Notre’s brith; Dalloyau, the famous pastry company, came out with the raspberry melba “Macaron de rêve”, while MOMA in New York exhibits red flowers by Florine Stettheimer.

Red is also one of the leading colors of the autumn-winter 2013 collection. It is boldly presented by Chanel and their new lipstick Le Rouge, GAP’s red-tomato pants and many others.



Hope you will enjoy reading More Than Red!

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