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Having a hard time advancing with my book – How to work on an outline?Red Writing

Four years ago I decided to write a biography of the Red woman, whose name I’d rather keep secret for the moment. About 18 months after a long period of research, I started to write.

Once I knew what my book was going to be about (see Red Writing I) and that my book would be written inchronological order (see Red Writing II) I decided to work on my outline.

But how to work on it? I have lots and lots of scenes and characters. How not to get lost in them?

I have heard about many ways to work on the outline.

Index CardsFirstly – index cards. I love stationery. I will accept any pretext to go and get some more. So I went out and bought lots of index cards in different colors – white, yellow, blue and whatever other colors they had, to be able to match scenes or characters with colors. I started to write the main scenes of my book on these cards.

Until I realized that I if I put too much information on a given card I cannot read it and if I put not enough information on one card, it is not explicative. I was quickly lost in the cards. As my heroine  travelled a lot, I decided to add the flag of the country in which each scene takes place. I spread the cards out on the bed and on the floor, but it did not help to clarify the sequence in which they should be ordered.

Then I ordered a transparent bath curtain with pockets on the Internet. You can slip cards in 140 pockets.  I asked a friend to make holes in the entrance wall of my apartment and hang the curtain on the wall. Never mind the newly refurbished apartment – getting the book written  was more important.

And the scenes were still not falling into place in the right sequence.

So I finally settled for my own option. It is all in my mind and I try to imagine the best scenario development for my book , simply taking notes in a pocketbook and advancing from one chapter to another.

So I was finally ready to work on my outline, at which point  I realized that I still did not have the title for my book.

I started to look for a title but I’ll tell you all about that  in my next post.

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