Red Fashion in 1950s

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A few weeks ago a friend who came over for dinner offered me a book about Fashion in the 1950s.

When I flipped through the book, I was surpised how much the color Red was present at this period of time in all apsects of life. Not only were quite a few clothing items red, but there were red radios, gramophones, kitchen appliances and school acesssories. The 1950s were the post-war years. Quite naturally, women wanted to forget the austerity of the previous years – wear more feminine and elegant clothes and use more fun and flashy objects at home.

So, the 1950s introduced quite a few amazing new inventions for the home, some of which still look modern today, while others seem rather incredible now.

Red Heater ModelFor example: a ‘new’ Red Heater model.

Elegant and small, for the first time this Heater:

–          allowed the regulation of the room’s tempreparture;

–          could be easily moved around;

–          fit into just about any interior.


I could easily see it being reproduced today, becoming a pretty and practical décor object in a contemporary apartement.

Red Bathroom Cabinet


Other inventions of the 1950s looked quite mind-boggling, like this furniture with a sink. It had a sink on the left side, a drawer  with a mirror on the right side and more drawers under the sink. This bright Red piece of furniture could be placed in a bathroom or a bedroom. To me such furniture indicated that in the 1950s women still went out a lot in the evening wearing ball gowns.


Red Fashion And of course there were clothes.

The tendency was called the “New Look.” It was largely inspried by Christian Dior, who opened his first fashion house in 1947.


The “New Look” emphasised a full-skirt, pointed bust and small waist, influencing designers for many years to come and making  women look delicate and graceful.*


*’50. Editions de La Martinière, 2008.







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