Red Caviar

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Red Caviar Everyone knows about Black caviar but not many know about the Red version .

Red caviar can come from different kinds of fish :

–       the most popular is from pink salmon; it has a  light orange colour;

–       followed by a much Redder trout caviar ;

–       in the higher price range you have caviar of keta and red salmon – both  have a pronounced Red color.

How to serve Red CaviarRed caviar has its advantages

It is cheaper than the sturgeon varieties;

Still the prices can be as high as 5000€ per kilo, unless you go to Russia where the prices for  caviar remain much more affordable;

It has a lot of protein;

It contains many vitamins;

Because of  all its qualities, it is prescribed to sportsmen, pregnant women and weak children.

How to serve caviar?

The most traditional way is to serve it – as an appetizerFrench_chard_from_pay_d'oc

–       In a small vase;

–       Directly on  blini or on  toast;

–       Or simply spoon the caviar onto a piece of white bread  and enjoy the taste of it; It is good to add a bit of unsalted butter, which tempers the salty flavor;

And of course if you are lucky enough to have high quality caviar, just it eat it plain with a spoon. Otherwise, the bread will spoil the taste of the caviar.

What to drink it with?

At home we usually pair caviar with a glass of white wine; Chardonnay is probably the best because of its impressive range of flavours.

If you want to be more Russian – a shot of vodka is a must; if you are looking for a romantic diner – a glass of Champagne is excellent.

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