Red Appetizers – Potato Pancakes with Salmon, Crème fraîche and Trout Caviar

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Pancakes or blinis are a must when it comes to Russian food. A few years ago my boss, an American who lives in Paris and loves to cook, attended a conference in St. Petersburg. During his first dinner in this historic city of Russia, he tried potato pancakes, which he absolutely loved. He improved the recipe by adding his own ingredients. Homemade potato pancakes with salmon, crème fraîche, trout and lumpfish caviar is his new favorite apéro when he receives guests in his Parisian appetizers


An elegant base for Canapés with Smoked Salmon or Caviar, they can be made well in advance and frozen.  Re-warm in oven prior to serving to obtain the original crispness.



1/2 small onion grated

3   Cups potato grated

2   Tbsp dill weed – Fresh, Chopped

2   Tbs Chives, snippedIngredients with Wine

1  Tsp Baking Powder

2 eggs , lightly beaten

Salt and black pepper to taste

4 Tbs flour (Buckwheat is preferable)

Oil for frying

1   Peel and Grate 4 large potatoes (use Russet or Baking Potatoes) and place in a bowl of cold water to avoid discoloration

2  Finely Grate ½ of a regular white onion, should be liquid consistency

3  Finely Chop the fresh Dillweed and Chives

4  Drain grated potatoes and squeeze out excess moisture – place in large mixing bowl

blinis5  Add grated Onion, herbs, baking powder, flour and seasonings- mix well

6  Add the beaten eggs and stir until the potatoes are thoroughly coated -the mixture should not be too thick

7  ln a Skillet, heat ail over medium – high flame.  Drop 1 tsp of the batter into hot ail and form into concentric rounds using the spoon.

8  Fry until edges are golden brown and crispy (about 2 minutes) and turn.  Fry on other side until golden and crispy.

9  Drain well on paper towels

10  Once cool, the pancakes may be frozen in a tight container.  Reheat in 180° oven for 10 minutes.  Do not reheat in microwave or the pancakes will become soggy.

Servings: 12

Yield: 24

Preparation Time: 10 minutes2 appttizers

Cooking Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 30 minutes


The recipe was provided by John Lutz.



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