The Gourji Red Collection

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red earrings3 (165x248)red shawl 3 (608x480)Just imgine the Red shawls inspired by Diagilev and its Ballets Russes, fine writing pens decorated with miniature Kremlin towers and elegant earrings with red Soviet stars.

These products are made in Russia by Gourji. I met the owner of the company, Dmitri Gourji, a handsome, talented and humorous Muscovite, in Paris during lunch with some friends from Moscow.

Dmitri created one of the first companies in Russia which started to produce beautiful stationery, pens, bags, rings, earrings and shawls inspired by the history of the country.

“No matter what was the ideology of the country,” Dmitri explained to me during our meeting, “each epoch left behind its art and literature which are a part of our history and which we should not forget. It is what I call ‘a business card of the epoch.’ What’s important,” he continued sipping his coffee, “is not to forget this history and learn from it.”


pen the kremlin towerThe products made by Gourji are on the pricey side but they are also aesthetically gorgeous, historical and cultural works of art. They are based on innovative and conceptual design. I could not take my eyes off of them. Dmitri thinks that his product is for people who feel connected to the history of their country and understand its cufflinks (354x236)


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