Five Red things to do in Rome

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This year my husband and I decided to celebrate my husband’s birthday in Rome. I wanted to use this opportunity to prove my Red-Wheel carriagehypothesis that the world could be fully and gaily seen through the colour Red, and to see what might be the best Red Things to do in Rome. I have to say that before going to Rome I was a bit worried about Red sightseeing in Rome. I wondered what would be Red besides the obvious, like delicious Italian pizza with tomato sauce or mouth-watering Italian tomatoes, the best which I have ever tried in my life and which grow in this sunny southern climate.

As it turned out, I did not have to worry about it. Rome proved to be a beautifully and excitingly Red city to visit.

So if you visit Rome and decide to see it through the brightest colour of all, the Top Five Red activities are:

  1. Take a Red-Wheel horse-drawn carriage along the entirely cobble-stoned center of Rome. This beautiful ride allows to see the main attractions like the Roman Forum, Colosseum, Pantheon, Spanish Steps, picturesque little piazzas and narrow streets with red terracotta houses which have little Madonna and St Joseph statues integrated into their outside corners— usually found on the second floor.

Where: You can find the carriages near the Colosseum.

Note: I saw only carriages for two passengers, compared to in other cities like Bruges or New York where they exist for four passengers or more.

Grocery Store2.Visit the Fine Grocery Stores to buy or simply enjoy the look of the rosy-red Gourmet aged Prosciutto ham, as well as the most incredible reddish Pasta of all shapes and sizes, as well as red canned Sardines, stuffed peppers and tomatoes.

3. Have a glass of Kir Royal au champagne on one of the terrasses near the Borghese Gardens. Situated on a hill in Rome, the coffee shop and hotel terrasses in this area offer beautiful views of the city.

Where: Terrasse of Hotel Sofitel Villa Borghese – via Lombardia, 47, and Hotel Eden – Via Ludovisi, 49.

Note: It is better to have your Kir there before dusk, as the city is not as well lit at night as other capital cities like Paris, New York or Moscow.

4. Enter little souvenir stores which sell Murano strikingly red glass and Red Vespa and Pinocchio magnets.Red Vespa Magnets

5. Finally try delicious Italian (interestingly often Red) food. Difficult to make a choice between Tomatoes with Mozarella di Bufala, Tuna cooked with red sauce, Bruschetta, homemade Il Frutti di Bosco Ice Cream or Strawberries topped with Tiramisu cream.

Thin-crust Pizza Margherita My three favourite dinner places were:

Tratorria Luzzi – a simple restaurant where all dishes are priced at around 5€. Everything on the menu is absolutely delicious. I had an excellent meal of thin-crust Pizza Margherita and Red Chianti (7.5€ per bottle!).

Where: Via di San Giovanni in Laterano, 88, near the Colosseum.

Note: It is better to make a reservation, otherwise you’ll have to stand in line — unavoidable at this popular place.

Etabli – elegantly decorated restaurant designed as a trendy apartment, serves steak/salmon tartare for a starter (9€), followed by Codfish/Steak cooked with tomatoes (13€).

Where: Vicolo delle Vacche, 9/9A, near Piazza Navona

Flavio al Velavevodetto – a chic and pleasant restaurant, far from tourist attractions (and a bit hard to find). Try their amazing specialty – fried rosy crisp artichoke hearts. On the menu – a good selection of pasta, meat dishes and Italian Wines.

Where: Via di Monte Testaccio, 97 near the Pyramid, the menu is only in Italian.

Note: the menu is only in Italian

 Enjoy your trip to Rome!

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