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After making a red food parenthesis in my last week blog post and sharing a recipe of my all-time favorite Beetroot Cured Salmon, I continue sharing the news about my new book The Choice of a Countess devoted to a story of R.B., an awesome woman, born intersex, whom I have met some time ago on the beach in Martinique (to know how we have met and how the idea of the book was born see one of my previous posts by clicking here).

Writing a book about R. B. required a substantial research about the intersex in the XXth century France and proved to be complicated due to the scanty information on the subject. Such as due to lack of space, hospital archives in Paris and in Lyon, where R.B. was treated, are kept only for a limited number of years. The files which contained the valuable information for my research about the doctors who treated R.B. and about her treatment were no longer available in 2019. As a result most of the audio and printed materials that I consulted came from the LGBT library in Paris.

Interviews were as always an invaluable source of information. Not only I scheduled regular frequent calls with R.B., but I met with friends of R.B., doctors who specialized in this subject, people who had intersex among their friends and were ready share their views on the issue. During the course of my research I also met other people who were ‘born both’ and who were willing to talk about their lives.

Of course most of the information came from R.B. herself. She invited me to vist her numerous homes in Martinique, Poitiers and Morocco; shared her archives, photos, diplomas, diaries and correspondence and was always available to answer my numerous questions about her complicated and intriguing life.    

More about research on my new book The Choice of a Countess in my next post on Friday 29 May, 2020.

To know more about R.B. click here

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To know more about the book The Choice of a Countess click here

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