Five RED Things to Do in Bruges

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Brugge_horseBrugge_horseTo Prepare your perfect St Valentine’s week end – here are the Five RED Things to Do in Bruges120px-Roofs_of_Bruges_01

Bruges is-quite rightly- known as one of the most romantic places in the world. There may be no better way to spend your St Valentine’s week-end than to stroll along the narrow cobblestone streets of the medieval town, crossing its small bridges and scenic canals complete with swans, enjoy a Belgian waffle and a cup of fuming hot chocolate in one of the numerous coffee shops, and finally buy some chocolate to bring back home.

Red Chocolate Shoes

So the Five best RED things to do in Bruges are to :

– Walk around the Old Town town populated with red step-gabled brick houses–some dating back to the 11thcentury;

– Go to the Candy and Chocolate shop – Confiserie Zucchero and buy their chocolate in the shape and color of a red high-heeled shop;


Hans Memling

– Visit the collection of paintings, of Hans Memling, the 15th century German-born Flemish artist, and enjoy the masterfully painted red folds of garments of which Memling was very fond in his works of art. The museum is situated in the Old St John’s Hospital built in the 11th  century, one of the Brugge_horseoldest surviving hospital buildings today in the world;



  • 632px-Brugge_(Bruges)_horses_2

– Take a horse-drawn red-wheel carraige for a ride around town;

  • Brugge_horse– Have a famous Belgian waffle topped with strawberries.



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